Fan Crush Friday - Emily Peach

Emily Peach Textile Designer

Here at What They Wore Store HQ, we're constantly in awe of the people behind those little Instagram squares. So much so that we've decided to introduce a new feature, Fan Crush Friday, a regular Q+A piece that showcases folk who inspire us.
First up in the spotlight, is the mega-talented creative, mum-of-one, Emily Peach

Tell us a little bit about yourself...

I’m a self employed Fashion Textiles Designer, single mum + obsessive doodler. I’ve done all sorts within the fashion industry, trends + predictions, magazine work, styling, childrenswear but always Printed Textiles. Colour + Stripes are my total addiction. I sell freelance to designers + high street + print the occasional t shirt for light relief. 

How did you get into your field?

I wanted to be a painter but knew that wasn’t going to make me any cash so I decided Fashion Textiles would enable me to draw + paint + hopefully pay the bills too. And so far it has worked! I also wanted to stay away from the office 9-5 + being chained to a computer. Although recently since becoming digital 50% of my work is now computer based but I’m still dodging the office environment thankfully.

How do you juggle having a child with working?

I basically don’t! Things get sacrificed all over the place but I work when I can, not when I want to. School holidays are almost impossible, but I work in the evenings for as long as I can keep my eyes open. Fortunately I enjoy my job so sitting up late drawing + listening to music or podcasts is hardly a chore.

What would you be doing if you weren't doing what you do?

I ask myself this a lot! I’ve never done anything else, drawing + colour is all I know. Maybe a tattoo artist. The fashion industry is so fast paced + demands more + more at a crazy pace, it's also so throw away which is an ugly side of the industry. It would be nice to do something that no-one wants you to rush + has some permanence.

Who and what inspires you in terms of fashion?

I don’t look to fashion for fashion inspiration, its not the way I work. Art, Music, Film, Cultures + History are generally where I look. I went to the Gilbert and George exhibition recently which reawakened my love of those guys + their way of thinking. I saw some fantastic female poets in the Brighton Festival too, Sea Sharp + Zena Edwards. I was also recommended to check out Dan Deacon’s illustrations recently which I love, and have definitely inspired my t shirts + general doodling. So you can see it comes from all over!

In terms of Fashion, Jonathan Saunders was always a big designer crush for me as well as the usual, Maison Margiela, Dries Van Noten but currently anything by Molly Goddard, I would bloody love one of her party frocks!

What's your go-to look?

I shamelessly plug my tees with jeans most of the time. 

What’s in your wardrobe this summer?

I have a beautiful crazy coloured full length stripe skirt from Wolf and Gypsy which is getting a lot of wear or a pair of gold culottes from Zara if I’m feeling fancy. I try + mix odd things together. I’m a harsh print critic so I tend not to buy prints but I like mixing bold colours where I can.

If you could add one item from the What They Wore Store to you or your kid’s wardrobe what would it be?

Any of the vintage kids denim! Its always on point + carefully chosen. 

You can find more about Emily + visit her online shop here

Follow Emily on Instagram: emilypeach_ 

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